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Book Review – Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver by Michael Maloney

Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver Everything You Need to Profit From Precious Metals Now by Michael Maloney Book Review by Attention Wealth I am a big fan of Michael Maloney and I would strongly recommend checking out Michael... Continue Reading →

5 Wealth Secrets

Whether you ask financial advisor or google the term “wealth secrets” you can probably come to know the same traditional answers like – hard work, live below your means, take risks, save every time and so on. So what’s new... Continue Reading →

A fun way to get your financial education

What is Debt?

What is Debt? Debt is borrowing money to buy something that you cannot afford at this point in time.Simply there are two types of debt: good debt and bad debt. Both have their place in your personal finance and both... Continue Reading →

Personal Development Plans make you Rich!

Is your Personal Development Plan Making you Rich? The New Year is here. A new book has opened. What is your target for this year? Creating a good personal development plan will help with any of your  new year resolutions.... Continue Reading →

What Rich People Know!

What Rich People Know! and you need to…   Financially successful and responsible people don’t build their wealth overnight or by accident. They know some hidden rules for hanging onto their wealth. Even if you don’t have a well established... Continue Reading →

The Key to Wealth Abundance – part 2

Is there any connection between our daily activities and our financial income? The answer is a reverberating yes. This may appear a little cliche at first look. In any case, many scientific studies have uncovered that the rich and wealthy... Continue Reading →

The Key to Wealth Abundance – part 1

We as a whole clutch convictions about our identity and what is conceivable. Have you ever asked yourself how genuine are these convictions? I am shocked and disheartened when I hear explanations, for example, these: “I’ll never be rich.” “I’ll... Continue Reading →

Borrowing to Buy the Family Home! Good Debt or Bad Debt?

Good debt right? It’s the family home! The Australian dream! I will live there for years, raise a family and provide security. Better to be paying off my own house, then paying off someone’s investment. These are just some thought... Continue Reading →

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